Jenis whisk dan kegunaannya

Masa aku berjinak dengan dunia kek, cookies dan biskut raya dulu, barulah aku tahu yang whisk ni ada pelbagai jenis dan rupa. Bukan tak pernah tengok tapi sekadar tengok dan tak ada keinginan nak ambil tahu fungsi setiap jenis.

Ketika tu, aku beli ikut keperluan dan logik akal aku. Sekadar nak pukul telur dan kacau adunan kek dan biskut, aku pilih Ballon dan French whisk (tak tahu pun itu nama dia. Aku panggil whisk besar dan kecil.) 

Whisk ni antara perkakas dapur yang penting juga. Banyak membantu dan memudahkan aku nak kacau adunan brownies. Tak perlu guna mixer. Less urusan cuci mencuci mangkuk adunan, tray, mixer dan sudu. Dah terbayang berkrim dan berminyaknya nak kena sental.

Kinds of Whisks: What's the Difference?

1. Balloon Whisk
When you think of a whisk, a balloon whisk is likely what comes to mind. This is an all-purpose whisk, with a wide head that’s ideal for whipping air into egg whites and heavy whipping cream.

2. Dough Whisk
If you bake a lot, a dough whisk is handy to have around. It’s ideal for sticky batters and bread dough. A dough whisk has a handle that connects to a couple of looping thick, stainless steel wires. This type of whisk is easily able to cut through thick batters and add mix-ins to cookie dough faster than a spatula.

3. Mini Whisk
Tiny but mighty, a mini whisk is about half of the size of a balloon whisk. It’s the perfect size for beating together a couple of eggs for a scramble, whisking a vinaigrette, mixing a sauce, or making hot cocoa.

4. Nonstick Whisk
If you’re a dedicated nonstick cookware user, then you need a silicone, nonstick balloon whisk for making pan sauces, gravy, roux, and more. A nonstick whisk is just a regular whisk, but its metal tines are coated in silicone, making it safe for nonstick cookware and scratch-free.

5. Ball Whisk
A ball whisk has straight, flexible wires and tips that, instead of connecting at the base, have little silicone (or stainless steel) beads at the ends. Because the wires are flexible, this kind of whisk is good at splaying out and reaching into tight spaces, like the corner of pans or measuring cups. A ball whisk with silicone tips is also safe to use with nonstick cookware.

6. French Whisk
Another good all-around whisk, a French whisk is similar to a ballon whisk but more narrow. Its tapered, slimmer profile means it’s better at reaching into the corners of pots and pans and, like a balloon whisk, it’s great at incorporating air into eggs for a fluffy omelet or beating whipping cream.

7. Flat Whisk
A flat whisk has flat tines that kind of look like an elongated “U.” It’s often recommended for sauces and custards, but where it really shines is with gravies or a roux. Its curved end allows it to easily reach into the corners and sides of a pan or pot.

8. Sauce Whisk
A sauce whisk has wire tines in the shape of a coil, so it whisks side-to-side, as well as up and down. It’s able to fit in tight containers and is efficient at mixing (you guessed it) sauces, as well as hot cocoa, dressings, dips, and even eggs.

Hope someone finds this helpful!

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