Women must be more cautious. Why? Sila baca cerita ni sehingga habis.

Jakarta Sweet Escape, the morning of our 2nd day.

I showered, stepped out of the bathroom, Liana Khairul was still sleeping (!!!) I was so nervous BECAUSE BREAKFAST ENDS AT 10AM IT IS ALREADY 820AM OMG WHAT CAN WE EAT IN 1HOUR 40 MINUTES ONLYYYY?! She wakes up and was mumbling something about not being an early riser and why am I opening the curtain, while getting ready to shower.

After that, we put on our comfiest attire and walked happily to the food that awaits us. Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala *holding hands* lalalalalalala *skipping girlishly* lalalalalalala *greet the birds* lalalalalalalala "Maaf ya miss, gak bisa pake capal di lobby hotel". "Apa?!" *sound of glass breaking* *thunder* *heavy rain* *I went back up* *I changed to my flats* *I go take all the food I can eat because this better be worth changing my shoes*

The food was marvelous, this is the only picture I got because we were so busy eating. Sitting behind us was the famous amos VJ Utt who was in Jakarta to host MTV VJ Hunt. Oh nasib baik tukar dah tak pakai selipar hotel *shy, looks down and flutters eyelashes*

Done eating, we headed back to our room. Reached the lift area when Liana Khairul realised the hotel card is not with her. She instructed me (LOL) to wait at the exact same spot while she go and get the hotel card she left at our table. I moved a little bit from the exact same spot (heh), and sat on a couch next to the lift.

There he was, a late 20s Korean guy in a suit, walking towards me, smiling. Without invitation, he sat next to me and introduced himself -_-. "Hey I'm Andy from Korea. I'm here for a company trip but tomorrow morning I'm going to Bangkok. I'm from Samsung, you know Samsung?" "Uhhh hey, yeah Samsung. My old TV is Samsung". In my head was "GET AWAY FROM MEEE".

Then he handed me a paper... (HE PREPARED THIS BEFOREHAND, WHYYY).

Frontal view.

Back view

Liana Khairul came back and was like "What the hell I left you for 3minutes and you already got a guy chatting you up" and went all motherly on me "I'll never let you out of sight ever again" as if I'm unable to take care of myself, which could be true.

Tsk. We were scared. He followed us till our floor! It wasn't his floor! (You know the hotel system where you can only get to your floor with your hotel card, yeah he didn't use his card. He just went into the same lift and waited us to use our card it was creeeepy). We reached our floor, got out, and when he's gone, we immediately got back into the lift and waited for awhile before going back to our floor. When we reached, he was still there, searching for 'his room'. Nangis.

Kalau VJ Utt yang nak tahu bilik kiter katne takpe. Eh? Haip!

Luckily nothing happened and we got into our room safely without him knowing where it is. It might be us just overreacting. There is a possibility that he genuinely wanted to make friends and (who knows) would make a great Facebook buddy and he would 'like' some of my pictures which I looked good in, respond to my statuses that no one commented on, and even share interesting links... BUT NO. NOT TAKING A CHANCE.

I ain't got no tips for women travelers. Just want to let you know that these things happen and you gotta strategise.

GreenAppleKu : Jangan teruja sangat bila ada jejaka yang tetiba sudi hendak berkenalan. Minta nombor telefon, kita beri. Minta alamat email, kita beri. Hatta alamat rumah pun kita beri! Zaman sekarang ni, tidak semua orang niatnya ikhlas. Ada juga yang ADA UDANG DI SEBALIK BATU. 

Nota : Erkkk?? Kenapa pepatah tu mesti letak udang disebalik batu yer? Walhal di sebalik batu tu, ada gak cacing, ada siput, ada semut tapi kenapa udang yang menjadi pilihan. Siapa nak tolong selesaikan masalah saya nih? :)

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  1. Ni cite dari Hanis Zalikha ke? KC penah dgr dr dia sendiri when i was visiting her in Hotel Mulia in Jakarta last June. Anyway, baru Sabtu lepas karaoke dgn dia. Hihihi

  2. @ kakchik@ella, yer sis berdasarkan sumber yang saya letak. Pengalaman Hanis boleh di jadikan panduan untuk kita menerima persahabatan yang di hulurkan oleh seseorang. : )

  3. berhati2lah sebelum menghulurkan salam persahabatan.



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