Sometimes knowing if you are in love is hard, especially if it is your first time. Here are eighteen ways to tell if you are falling in love.
  1. You are comfortable and secure in your relationship. You trust that your partner won't hurt you and there is no need of suspicion or jealousy.
  2. You have remained together through good times and bad.
  3. Thoughtful things are done just because it makes both of you feel good.
  4. Neither of you make sacrifices, only compromises.
  5. Your significant other has told you of their deep feelings, and they are returned.
  6. Your affections for your partner make you feel special and good about yourself.
  7. When there is a fight, you usually make up after only a few hours and agree that nothing is more important than both of you expressing your true feelings, even if they cause conflict.
  8. You and your partner feel no need to test each others feelings or loyalties.
  9. You can be yourself when with your partner more so than anyone else.
  10. You've forgotten your ex.
  11. You can't stop thinking about your partner.
  12. You care about your significant other more than anything.
  13. You find your partners quirks charming.
  14. You have great chemistry.
  15. You don't notice others as much.
  16. You love spending time together.
  17. Other priorities take a backseat.
  18. You start thinking about your future together.

GreenAppleKuYou have great chemistry. ??? (^^)

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  1. cik epal, awk share kt kisahcintasayang lah.. dpt free traffic taw.. hehe..

    anyway sy dah letak link blog awk :)

  2. @ Firdaus Kasim, eh iyer ker, will terjah to your blog. Blog awak gak kan..hehe TQ coz sudi letak blog picisan ini ke bloglist awak. :)

  3. yes..i have get great chemistry.. ;))


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No proper ID, no proper comment, down you go the spam drain. Receiving happy vibes!

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