A new survey conducted in the name of market research by daily deal company Eversave revealed some surprising and some not so surprising statistics about what women really think about their Facebook friends.

The results of the survey, which was conducted among 400 women in the USA, were published on technology blog Mashable on March 30.

While 400 is not a large sample size of the female population on Facebook, the survey found that the majority of women were annoyed by some common personality types and traits shared by their friends.

The most annoying habit of Facebook friends, according to 63 percent of women surveyed, was "complain all the time."

Other annoying traits of Facebook friends included posting political opinions, which annoyed 41 percent of women, and "bragging about their perfect lives," for 32 percent, while 16 percent got peeved at Facebook friends who were "always posting updates about their precious kids."

The women surveyed were also asked to indentify personality types they were friends with on Facebook. The results are as follows: 
  • 65 % were friends with a "documentarian" - someone who constantly documents his or her life
  • 61 % said they were friends with "a drama queen" 
  • 57 % were friends with '"a proud mama" 
  • 46 % were friends with "a liker" - someone who constantly "likes" Facebook posts 
  • 40 % were friends with "a poser" 
  • 35 % were friends with a "frenemy - an enemy whom both parties pretend is a friend 
  • 30 % were friends with a "one upper" - someone who constantly tries to do things better than others. 
  • 26 % were friends with an "airbrusher" - a person who alters photos to appear more attractive
Also, worryingly, 25 percent of the women surveyed were friends with a "stalker" - a person who follows their posts and activities through Facebook. 

Credit to  : Mynews Yahoo.

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No proper ID, no proper comment, down you go the spam drain. Receiving happy vibes!

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