I was recently reading an article on the Huffington Post website regarding women in Saudi Arabia having to deal with male staff in lingerie stores. A group of women over there decided to stage a boycott of lingerie stores that only have male staff. There are only a very small number that employ women, but clearly not enough if this boycott was needed. As many lingerie stores don’t employ women, the ladies over in Saudi Arabia have to go into such stores and be served by men, including being looked up and down to determine their size!

I cannot even believe such a thing would be allowed in a country like Saudi Arabia. Wouldn’t it be un-Islamic to look at a woman in that way? Apparently the reason why mainly male staff are employed is for male customers, so they do not have to deal with female staff. But did anyone consider the female customers in this situation? There is no reason for a man to be working in a lingerie store, there needs to be female staff so that they can measure female customers with no embarrassment caused.

Even in the UK, which is considered a liberal Western country, only women work in the lingerie departments in stores. I think if men worked in lingerie departments in the UK, women here would probably stage a boycott too! A lot of women in this country even prefer to have a female driving instructor when learning to drive, so not everything bad that is said about the UK is true. Clearly some women believe segregation in some situations is a good thing. Gyms are another example. Many hold women-only sessions.

In the shopping malls of Saudi Arabia, religious police are present, on the lookout for men and women interacting. This is also why many religious hard-liners don’t want to see women working in malls, they see it as a mixed environment. The important thing to realise is when salespeople deal with customers, that is all the customer is, just a customer to be dealt with formally. Sometimes we have to interact with the opposite sex, as long as it is done in a formal manner and you are not alone with someone of the opposite gender, then there really isn’t a problem.

All these women in Saudi Arabia are asking for is a female-only environment when they are buying their underwear, that is really not a big deal at all, as men won’t be shopping in such stores anyway. Women want to be able to go and get measured by a female, and hear advice about such matters from a female. If you switch that situation around, it would be highly embarrassing.

In my volunteer work obviously I have to serve male customers. That is all they are to me, and I find having my head and body covered commands respect. A man sees you as an actual person if you dress modestly.

I don’t see it as a big deal for women to be working. Sometimes it has to be done anyway. What if you have grown up with not a lot of money in your family? That means even if you want clothes, you will have to work for it. Even after getting married it may not be a simple situation either. What if his salary does not bring in enough to support you and a family? There is a danger if we as women become too reliant on men for absolutely everything, if your father or husband dies before you, or you get divorced, it will render you utterly powerless and literally a damsel in distress.

I am looking for work myself, as I recently passed my driving test, and if I want to be able to pay for a car, insurance, tax, petrol etc, then I will have to work for it. I hope if you are one of those women who has never had to work to support yourself, please don’t take it for granted. You should be very thankful that Allah has provided for you and your family. Some people struggle everyday, and they have no choice but to work.

I must also mention what one woman said in the Huffington Post article, when she asked about women working in lingerie stores. This woman said that bad things happen in stores with female only staff, when asked why, she said they can sneak a photo of you changing on their mobile phones. I would actually be more wary of men in this situation, and I can’t help thinking this woman has clearly got the wrong end of the stick. Perhaps in such a patriarchal society such as Saudi Arabia, some women will have picked up on such things from males and then become wary of females working in stores.

Women have rights in Islam, we shouldn’t have to hide away and feel embarrassed like this. If you read the Huffington Post article, you will see one women even travelled away from Saudi Arabia in order to buy her bridal lingerie with zero embarrassment. I hope the ladies boycotting male-run lingerie stores are successful. It’s time something was done about it.


GreenAppleKu : Jangan jadi cam ni kat Malaysia sudah ler. Banyak lagi jenis pekerjaan lain yang ada. Yang nak pilih kerjaya jurujual pakaian wanita tu apasal cik abang oiii.... Entah apa-apa undang-undang yang mereka ini guna pakai. Menyusahkan orang jer.

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  1. as salam..
    mungkin ada quota2 yang melebihkan lelaki dalam segala hal kat sana.
    tapi setuju la bila melibatkan perempuan, staff perempuan patut diambil untuk memudahkan urusan jual beli dengan pelanggan wanita..

    haih..macam2..malaysia pun lebih kurang je..hmm entah la..

    oh. pasal minyak tu, dah tanya kawan yang kat sana. sedang rujuk dengan penjaga.

    masa umrah bulan puasa nanti saya minta kebenaran untuk ambil sedikit cebisan simpanan kain kaabah yang pernah digunakan dulu.

    insya'Allah boleh. malam tadi skype. dihubungkan dengan petugas tabung haji. mereka cuba apa yang termampu setibanya saya kat sana. mudah mudahan berhasil..berusaha mencari penawar..ameen..


  2. @ Подтверждаю, awak ni cari penawar apa? Awak sakit apa? Moga ada jln penyelesaian yg terbaik.

  3. keterbukaan yang melampaui batas adat budaya..lebih malang agama disisihkan...

  4. mo komen english atau jepun yek? eh? hehe..

    stuju artikel ni.. mungkin kat Malaysia perlu ambil iktibar apa yg berlaku.. tp.. memang susah! ahakz..


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