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Advertlets is a blog advertising network. Bloggers make money doing what they love by selling advertising space on their blogs. Advertisers get to connect their message to the right audience through the use of demographics.

You sign up and install a poll on your website. Once we have the appropriate demographics, we can start matching you with advertisers, and you can start making money.

Fill in the registration form, and it will be submitted to us for approval. Once approved, you can run campaigns on your site.

For bloggers: you make money, and you get to know about your blog readers.

To qualify, you must be at least 16 years old. There are no traffic requirements. Your blog must also not contain any inflammatory or illegal content.

The Advertlets network is open to primarily blogs, however different types of websites are welcome to apply, such as forums and portals.

We know that the majority of bloggers probably wouldn’t want to advertise heavy machinery and construction materials on their blog. (unless of course, your blog is about heavy machinery). Hence, we approach advertisers whose needs and positioning and suited to the lifestyle of our blogger members.

We are currently in the process of approaching advertisers, at various stages of negotiation for different deals and here’s a sample so far of the kind of clients we’re targeting: fast food & casual dining restaurants, broadband providers, telcos, liquor and spirits companies, media companies, clubs & bars, entertainment & events companies, and the music industry.

We already have advertisers running campaigns on certain blogs. How soon you will have advertisers depends on your blog content, traffic, and the availability/sample size of your blog demographics. It is up to the advertisers discretion to select blogs for campaigns, however, if you feel you are well suited for certain types of advertisers, do contact us and we’ll do your best to propose your blog to the clients.

We operate via a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) module for the first phase of Advertlets. Which means, advertisers pay a fixed price for say, 10,000 impressions for blog advertising, and there is no additional fee involved. For sponsored posts, it is a one time fee.

In the later stages, when we launch our sponsored polls and new programs, we will have CPC (cost per click) driven programs as well. Sponsored polls will give bloggers a share of the revenue for each poll submission.

Firstly, we are the first internet advertising network to have real time demographics polls that are embedded within the page itself visitors can submit details without having to leave your blog. Also, we are Malaysian and have on-ground, active staff to look for relevant local advertisers. Lastly, Advertlets is developed by a team of professionals, namely Josh Lim & Associates who have worked on digital marketing initiatives for clients in markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, France, and the United States of America.

What are demographics? – From

“A demographic or demographic profile is a term used in marketing and broadcasting, to describe a demographic grouping or a market segment. This typically involves age bands (as teenagers do not wish to purchase denture fixant), social class bands (as the rich may want different products than middle and poorer classes and may be willing to pay more) and gender (partially because different physical attributes require different hygiene and clothing products, and partially because of the male/female mindsets).”

While people can get an general idea of what your blog is about based on its content, demographics are a great way to determine who exactly your blog readers are and segmenting it in a way that appeals to advertisers accustomed to advertising in traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc). This allows them to target a market segment that would be more likely to be interested in their product, as opposed to advertising on a blog which they have little information on.

You can encourage your site visitors to take the polls, as well as make sure that your poll code is placed high enough on the page to ensure visibility.

We can’t give you a figure right now, obviously. But how much you make would definitely be determined by:

- how much traffic your blog gets.

- how many Malaysian visitors come to your site

- how relevant your blog content is to a wider audience

- your visitor participation rate

We define exclusive as not involved in any other Malaysian, Singaporean or Asian blog advertising program besides Advertlets. Participation in international blog advertising programs such as Google Adsense, Adbrite, Payperpost, ReviewMe will not conflict with your Advertlets membership.

Advertlets exclusive members get the chance to:

- Access the demographic data of their readers

- Have access to free site tools

- Use specially designed blog templates, skins and graphics

- Take part in contests have win prizes

- Be eligible for monthly giveaways

We will pay you by either cash or cheque once your account balance reaches the minimum payout rate of RM100.

Currently you can only cashout via cheque.

We are giving away RM50 each to the first 300 qualified, approved bloggers who add our site code to their site, and blog about This applies for both exclusive and non-exclusive members. We’re giving you the chance to immediately earn from the time you sign up from the time we get you your first advertiser.

Please note that our minimum payout amount is RM100, the RM50 will be credited to your account immediately upon your action taken, however, you are not eligible to cash out until your account balance reaches or exceeds RM100.

Yes, in fact having more than one blog is a plus! However, you will need to install separate tracking code on each site, to ensure the accuracy of real-time demographics from each specific site.

Josh Lim is the technopreneur behind Advertlets, together with Josh Lim & Associates. He has been designing websites for over 9 years and besides being a successful web designer and entrepreneur, has also been involved in several community based web ventures. Lim co-founded together with Wind Koh a community for designers, and continues to further develop the local web scene through the initiative which is a broadband reform initiative, designed to do something about the terrible state of broadband internet connections here.

He has also been on Fear Factor Malaysia, and is infamous for a stunt he pulled sometime back where he registered a domain name tied up to an RM30 million dollar advertising campaign , a costly public perception experience for the campaign in question, but a big push for digital marketing in Malaysia.

He has been featured on TV3, 8TV, NTV7, The Star, The Edge (Malaysia/Singapore), CNet Asia in relation to his work. He is also an active public speaker, having spoken at The World Media Summit for Children, HELP College, Multimedia University (MMU), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and various conferences on the topics of advertising, branding, blogging, sponsorship and marketing organized by the Asia Business Forum.

Josh Lim & Associates are digital/online marketing consultants who have served in markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, France, and the United States of America. They are formed of a team of creative individuals ranging from designers, programmers, marketers, writers, entrepreneurs and disruptors. Together, we have a combined number of over 30 years of experience. is an initiative to push for better broadband in Malaysia. The site includes a broadband coverage map, an ISP list (did you know there’s more than 1 ISP in Malaysia?), and an ongoing broadband blog that focuses on developments in the world of local broadband.

Currently, RedesignMalaysia is planning a public awareness campaign to protest, and hopefully reform the terrible state of broadband in Malaysia. As you might imagine,

complaining about the internet, on the internet is kind of ironic hence the need for a real world media campaign.

This is costly, and hence RedesignMalaysia has tied up with Advertlets, and members of Advertlets who wish to contribute to the fight for better broadband here can choose to sponsor a portion of their earnings to RedesignMalaysia to be used for the public awareness campaign.

Advertlets and RedesignMalaysia are both initiatives by Josh Lim Ventures.

GreenAppleKu : Tengah malam semalam daftar, pagi ni telah membuahkan hasil. Alhamdulillah, REZEKI. 

Kenapalah tidak dari dahulu lagi, saya membuat pilihan yang betul..erk!! Takper pengalaman mematangkan seseorang.

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  1. abang pakai tak pernah dapat BE or campaign dri nuffnang

    kalau Advertlets senang ke nak dapat payment even traffic rendah? around 1-2 ratus UV sehari

  2. Dear Abg Zam, belum cuba belum tahu, tapi berdasarkan pengalaman saya yg tak sampai 24jam join, dah pun ada hasilnya..

    (nak tunggu sebulan dan bandingkan dengan yg sebelum nih..)

  3. betol green apple, nk tunggu earning nuffnang berjanggut dulu la, nk dpt BE bkn senang, better pakai adverlets la impression diorang kira xmcm nuffnang.


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